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About Us
Wicked Good Bulldogges
(Olde English Bulldogges)
Wicked Good Bulldogges is located in a small coastal town of Bristol, Maine. We are a family owned kennel and take pride in our Olde English Bulldogges. We started breeding in 2008 and are focused on providing healthy, stable, capable and loyal bulldogges that are within the NBA (National Bulldogge Association) standards. My husband, children and I have dedicated much time, hard work, love and passion into the OEB breed. It is as much as a passion for us as it is a business. 

We take aspects of both male and female before breeding our Olde English bulldogges. Everything from temperament and structure to pedigrees and type. We do NOT breed for just color. 
All of our Bulldogges are registered with the NBA(National Bulldogge Association) who we are proud to work with. Puppies come pre- registered with strong bloodlines and generational backgrounds. 
We work closely with other breeders in the Southern states and New England and truely value their friendships. In my opinion this has helped our breeding program and therfor has improved the Olde English Bulldogge breed as a whole.

​We work daily with our dogs inside and out. Our favorite time of the day are our walks and runs in the woods with an occasional boat ride or two. We are blessed to live not only on the coast but also on many acres of woodland in this beautiful state of Maine. It's important to get the dogs out into the woods and test not only their physical ability but their mental abilities too. We take two to three pack walks almost everyday and they learn a lot while doing so. They learn to take direction, keep me in sight at all times, voice command ,what's acceptable in pack behavior, what's not and so much more. Our bullies are more happy and content when physically exercised on a daily basis which also keeps them in tip top shape. 

Our dogs are all a part of our family and all of them are inside on a daily basis spending time with the family. We have kennels attached to a heated building where each dog has their own space and choice whether to go in or outside at anytime of the day. Once the day is coming to an end and after our pack walks all dogs come inside to join us for dinner and house life. This way everyone gets individual attention daily.

My husband and I take breeding very seriously. Breeding is not an easy task and it definitely has its ups and downs. I'm sure many breeders have and do say this but it's so much more than we thought it was going to be coming into it. We've had our handful of achievements and also a few disappointments along the way. Breeding has brought us much joy and even some sorrow but most importantly it has brought us knowlege and a great passion for our breed that we have applied our good morals, love and expertise to. 

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